Friday, 27 March 2020

How are you?

I know some people might be missing the class so I have set up a Padlet where we can share our normal check in. This is not mandatory. As always, you do not have to share but if you feel like checking our how other people in the class are doing-

Click here.

Click anywhere on the page. Write your name in the first box and share in the second box.

Activities for week beginning 30th March

Here are some activities for you to do this week. If you or your parents/guardians have questions about the work or would like to send photos/attachments of what you have done you can contact me on the email address below. 
No question is too small and I would be delighted to hear from you😊Have fun and do your best!

Monday 30thMarch
1 Minute- It is important to be calm and relax during these times. Take one minute to breath, close your eyes, stretch, be still or be quiet if you can. Focus on and listen to your breathing. 
5 minutes – Spelling City: I have assigned different words this week and we will be focusing on the meaning of the words and how to use it (which means… no spelling test Friday)!
5 minutes – Times tables: Write down the multiples of 8 and 9. Make a test of 20 questions for yourself or ask someone to make a test for you, time yourself as you answer them. We will repeat this one on Friday to see how much faster/more accurate you are!
15 minutes – Reading: Read to someone at home or read silently. When you finish the book you are reading (not today) you could write a book review to recommend (or not!) when we go back to school. If you need a new book email me and let me know. 
10 minutes – Maths work: Go to, click student log in and enter gabriels6th under the room name section. Here you will find a maths quiz to complete, use paper to work out your answers and I will be able to see them too. We will be doing a different quiz here each day.
15 minutes – Choose a song that you think will bring positivity and happiness to your home during this strange and surreal time. Write down the a) title b) artist c) at least 2 reasons why you chose this song d) select your favourite line from the song that best represents happiness and positivity.
5 minutes – Exercise challenge! Time yourself spend 1 min on each – how many jumping jacks, squats, sit ups, frog jumps and push ups can you do in a minute?

Tuesday 31stMarch
1 Minute-Close your eyes. Take the index finger of your right hand and slowly move it up and down the fingers on your left hand. Draw a starfish shape. Swap hands. Focus on your breathing- in and out as you move up and down. 
5 minutes – Spelling City: assigned on log in.  
5 minutes – Times tables: Practice your rolling 8s and 9s. Play a game from list on right of this post. 
15 minutes – Reading: As above.
15 minutes – Maths work: As above- a new quiz will appear for today focusing on division. 
5 minutes – Practice singing your favourite song and the songs we have been doing with Tanya. (Viva la Vida & I’m Yours – Jason Mraz)
15 minutes– Exercise challenge! Make up an exercise routine & get someone else to do it too!

Wednesday 1stApril
Happy April Fools Day!
1 minute- Clench your fists- in and out- focus on your breathing while you do it slowly. Repeat  x 10. 
10 minutes – Spelling City: assigned on log in.  
5 minutes – Times tables: As above.
15 minutes – Reading: As above.
15 minutes – Maths work: Log in as above. A new quiz will appear based on Time. 
15 minutes – Draw or write a comic book script based on an April Fool’s Day prank gone wrong. You can finish this off tomorrow if you need more time.
5 minutes – Exercise Follow a Body Coach Kids video on YouTube or make up your own exercise video!

Thursday 2ndApril
1 minute- Give yourself a bear hug. Breathe in and squeeze. Breath out and let go. X 10 slowly.
10 minutes – Spelling City: assigned on log in.
5 minutes – Times tables: As above.
15 minutes – Reading: As above.
15 minutes – Maths work: Log in as above. A new quiz will appear based on  Money. 
15 minutes – Finish comic book script from yesterday.
5 minutes – Exercise Follow a Dance routine on TV, YouTube or make one up yourself. 

Friday 3rd April
1 minute- Do a fake yawn, stretch- really slowly for at least 10 seconds. Repeat. 
10 minutes – Spelling City: 2 activities from the language arts section of the games.
10 minutes – Times tables: Repeat Monday’s activity and compare your results. Did you improve??
15 minutes – Reading: As above.
15 minutes – Maths work Log in as above. Quiz on Fractions, Decimals & Percentages. 
15 minutes – Try to write a poem or song for our Graduation- include memories, use other songs etc. 
5 minutes – Exercise: Try a Cosmic Yoga video or  try stretch yourself out like we do in PE (not too far!)

Wednesday, 25 March 2020


Hi Room 24 and families,

I hope everyone is keeping well and has been teaching everyone at home how to wash your hands like we did in class. You will all be sick of singing Happy Birthday to yourself by the time we see each other again!

Before we left school I sent home some work to be completed by March 29th. I can't wait to see all of the projects, science fair experiments and write a books when we get back to school! If anyone would like to send on pictures (to put on the blog or just show off your great work) of what they have done so far or need a bit of help with that my school email is
We will celebrate all the hard work I have no doubt you're doing on it when we are back in school!

This Friday I will be posting some more activities to do each day next week. It will be easy for you to manage independently and as I always say the most important thing is not to stress about it. I know lots of you will be helping out at home and may find it difficult to get it all done. Don't worry, try your best!

I hope you are all making the most of this time- practising the things you love doing, trying new things and helping out around the house! Keep washing those hands and get some exercise- I can't wait to hear about the dance challenges, pe workouts and other things you've done when we are all back together.

Ms. Deegan

Tuesday, 10 March 2020

cluichÏ sa chlòs

Toady we did cluichÏ sa chlòs our game the we played was dogeball here are some of the pictures we took!

                                                                 BRAT BIA 

Today Ms Deegans 6th class did the brat bia in the student kitchen. All of the class participated in eating the food and had loads of fun . As it was there last year doing  the brat bia : [ :[ .